Ronnie Peterson Collection

A very interesting collection from one of our readers, Joris Meuffel. Many thanks for sharing this.

My collection comprises of Formula 1 memorabilia of the 1970s and early 1980s with a focus on parts of Ronnie Peterson, not specifically on Lotus because I also have other items like a cover from the Tyrrell P34 and a March cockpit and rear wing.

In the pictures you see the items related to Ronnie and Lotus:

  • Lotus 72 side panel NR 5, 1975
  • Lotus 72 airbox, 1975
  • Lotus 72 rear wing end plate
  • Lotus 72 cockpit surround, 1973, remark the difference in gold painting of this compared to the yellow painting of the later parts
  • Lotus 77 front wing end plate
  • Lotus 78 front wing (Valvoline)
  • Lotus 79 rear wing end plate
  • Ronnie’s gloves from 1977 or 1978
  • Ronnie’s brand proof racing underwear

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