November 2007 Newsletter – Number 6

Since obtaining planning permission for the Museum at Hornsey, London N8 the trustees have spent almost a year in negotiation and exploration of a suitable site.

The exercise has not been easy as there are competing considerations.

– Historical accuracy
– Ambience and quality fit for subject
– Sufficient space
– Site /location which will also complement business plan
– Sponsor preference

The trustees have also had a vigorous debate whether the conceptual idea ought to take precedence over location and related to this debate, what activity honours conveys and perpetuates CC genius in motor engineering, motor racing and several braches of related engineering design.

The trustees have identified three suitable broad site types:

Historical: Hornsey and Cheshunt

Business plan and participation orientated: Existing racing circuits

Sympathetic blend with lean towards affordable: Banbury (Centre of British Motor Racing Valley) in North Oxfordshire, close to Silverstone and Alexandra Palace.

Trustees have conducted SWOT analysis and comparability studies but are thwarted by current enormously high land prices in UK, especially London. We compete in the open market and have to remain viable in operation. Against which we require tourists and attendance and can not afford to be too remote. A further consideration is our preference to be self determining.


The trustees are conducting a dual strategy of seeking all available sites in a process of elimination. This is also done in the spirit of wishing to establish against a tight background of the Olympic Games (influx international tourists). Having established and with a reputation for excellence and associated collateral the further search and retention will be easier.

Your views are welcome and if you happen to have a building in the London surplus to your needs we know of a very worthy cause…

Friends of CCMEC related activities

Ralph Stechow joined as a Friend of the Museum and sent us a picture of a 1/43rd scale model he made and won the model contest with at the 27th Lotus Owners Gathering in Aspen Colorado this past August. He had scratch built the cars a while ago and thought to make something that captured the Colin Chapman spirit which was the theme of this year’s LOG. He thought it would capture the feeling of the early years in Hornsey.


Barbara Cunningham, a Friend of the Museum from South Africa sent us these pictures. Both Lotus 7 clubs in SA (Kwazulu Natal & Transvaal Register) have recently also celebrated Lotus’s 50th anniversary on separate weekends, and on both occasions were able to display in excess of 50 7’s.

The majority of these 7’s are replicas built by the enthusiastic members with a variety of engines from Kent to Toyota twin cam, etc. (Barbara’s is a Kent).

NT5170 Group of 7s NT170 Side 50 Years of 7

Neil Duncan
Secretary to the Colin Chapman Museum and Education Centre