A Fine Figure of a Man


The A&R are pleased to be able to provide details of a newly released finely crafted figurine of Colin Chapman by Exoto.
This is felt overdue .The piece appears attractive, generously sized .it out make an attractive stand-alone piece or as perhaps a complementary item amongst other Lotus memorabilia.
This piece may become a future collector’s item.
Colin Chapman has not been represented sufficiently unlike his cars, so it’s good to see a well-respected company providing this attractive ornament.
The piece represents Colin Chapman at his happiest moments winning at the track side. Although not identified to a specific date or event it generally captures the very recognizable image of Colin.



Exoto was incorporated in the state of California in 1986. The corporate name is a simplified abbreviation for “EXclusive AUTOmobiles”.

Ever since its inception, the corporate objective has followed what is now a 40 year Keusseyan family tradition in the vast automotive field; offer the best or nothing.

Initially, the product line included custom fit, soft auto accessory items such as car covers and floor mats. These were successfully marketed nationwide under the brand name: Exoto’s Coverup. Over a decade ago, the company turned its attention and efforts towards the miniature automotive collector market and in a few short years, Exoto Inc. had the largest selection and most distinguished line of automotive collectibles, memorabilia, and related art form.

Today, Exoto continues to thrive, internationally, in its field with multiple-brand marketing and is preparing to expand its offerings into the luxury lifestyle segment. From catalog and point-of-sale retailer, to distributor and wholesaler, to manufacturer; the objective never changed and the dream goes on.

Hand Crafted/Painted Cold Cast Porcelain Figurine

The editors have extracted the following from net advertisement:

“Lotus Team Boss ~ Colin Chapman”
Scale 1:9
On Genuine Wood Plinth w/ Brass Plaque
Made In the United Kingdom
Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Figurine
Made from Cold Cast Porcelain
Only Top British Modelers/Carvers Were Commissioned to Create This Series

Learning Opportunities

Our learning /educational opportunities are intended to be challenging thought provoking and requiring additional research and/or analysis.

These opportunities are particularly designed for a museum/education centre location where visitors would be able to enjoy access to all the structured resources available in conjunction with any concurrent exhibition.

In this instance we suggest the following might be appropriate:

What important motor racing figures have been immortalized in statues and where?
> Study the art of figurative sculpture and creation of statues
> Consider concept of Cities and Cityscapes –what role in tourism and orientation do statues perform?
> Discuss if statues can be controversial of subject but remain works of art and ought to be retained, what is the role of balance and how can prejudice damage future generations?

Exhibitions, Education and Economics

In the museum context the editors believe that commercial considerations are both necessary and complementary with its educational objectives.

For these reasons our suggested outline Business Plan includes provision for promoting products and services which share Chapman’s ideals of mechanical efficiency and sustainability. In addition we propose merchandising that explain and interprets the social and cultural context of Chapman’s designs in period. It’s suggested there will be catalogue for on line purchasing.

This piece is the sort of item along with scale models, merchandising etc. that a future museum might stock.

In addition it’s possible to mount exhibitions around the theme of representation. Titles might include:

Colin Chapman:Man,Myth and Marque
Capturing Chapman: Chapman in film , photographs interview
Moments in Time :Chapman Memories Tracked down


The editors are pleased that a charming, attractive quality ornament has been commissioned and that this might be available to wide audience.

Lotus cars are readily identified and have been modelled by many manufacturers but let never forget that these were in the main the creation of one man and his colleagues.

Colin Chapman for all his faults has left a lasting legacy of inspiration and we hope all those able to buy one of these pieces will draw inspiration whenever they gaze upon it.

Colin Chapman: Inside the Innovater. Ludvisgen.