Museo Dell’Automobile di San Martino

Italian Automotive Museum – Museo Dell’Automobile di San Martino – San Martino in Rio, Italy

Go to San Martino in Rio in the Po Valley, do some sight seeing, and then check out the four hundred odd cars they have on display at the Museo Dell’Automobile di San Martino. The collection is sort of a mish mash of vehicles gathered since the museum’s opening in 1956. The focus is mostly on the road cars, but there’s a lot of variety here, and you’ll find everything from an Auto Avio Construzioni 815, the original unofficial Ferrari to some F1s and oddities like Lamborghini tractors. Interestlingly, admission is free, but, rather bizarrely, they ask that you bring a trademark food from your native country.

Website is Museo Dell’Automobile di San Martin

Museo dell’Automobile di San Martino in Rio
Car Museum of San Martino in Rio
Via Barbieri 12 – 42018 San Martino in Rio (RE)
Tel. e fax: 0522 636133
Opening days: All Sunday 10.30-12.30 a.m. / 3.30-6.30 p.m.
All Friday between 9.00 p.m. – 12.00 p.m.
For Scuderia the first, second and third Monday in every Mounth between 9.00 p.m.-12.00 p.m