Peaks and Troughs [The Long and Winding Road Series]

Recently Caterham Cars commissioned a survey of the best and worst drivers roads in the Uk. Previously they had also examined another set of ten roads, that was published in their journal “Caterham Life”

The best roads are listed below and we believe that the choice is equally relevant to classic sports car and Lotus owners. The worst are totally predictable and we won’t waste space.

Interestingly the routes selected fall into some patterns and concentrations and therefore perhaps form the basis of a motoring holiday.

Britain has some great roads and the selection passes through some of our exceptional National Parks with their stunning and contrasting landscape and scenery.

We hope that our subscribers will take advantage of these recommendations and perhaps will forward us our driving experience.

Road From To Nickname Special Features
A57 Sheffield Glossop SnakePass Peak Distr’ National Pk
A18 Isle of Man Mountain S’
A35 Lyndhurst Christchurch New Forest National Pk
A87 Invergarry Isle of Skye Passing loch’s
A537 Macclesfield Buxton
A686 Penrith Alston Carlisle
A817 Lock Lom’ Garelockh’
A4086 Llanberis Caernarfon Snowdonia National Pk
B3223 Dulverton Lynton Exmore National Pk
B4100 Warwick Banbury
A68 Corbridge Edingburgh
Kirby-m-side Catleton York Moors
A272 Petersfield Uckfield
B4368 Craven Arms Kerry
A835 Ullapool Maryburgh
A483 Oswestry Land’Wells
B660 Bedford Glatton
BeachyHead Coast road
A54 Congleton Buxton

Subscribers may also like to see our series  “The Long and Winding Road” in which we examine driving opportunities, Articles include “Ode to the Road” the A272, Portmerion [associated with “The Prisoner”] that we couch and explain in the context of the drive across the English border through mid Wales.

See also   “A Seven to the Seaside”

We are always pleased to hear from our international subscribers about their local drives. These deepen and enrich our experience and provide opportunities for tourism. Additionally they provide knowledge to a wider audience that may not have the privilege of a car or the ability to travel.

Please always drive with safety in mind and be respectful of the environment. Don’t go mad but certainly go right around the bend.

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Written into our Business Plan are extensive proposals for a database to assist customer’s book holidays, accommodation, finding historic and or Lotus based destinations, classic car hire and assistance with route planning and the best drivers roads.


AA Large Scale Britain Road Map.
Ordinance Survey Maps