Malta Classic Car Collection

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The Malta Classic Car Collection

Following a recent holiday to Malta, we came across this musem. After contacting them we received this email.

Dear Sir,

I was very pleased to meet at the Museum and as promised I am sending the necessity information for the article which you intended to publish on The Colin Chapman Museum & Education Centre journal.

I would like to make an introduction to the Malta Classic Car Museum which is situated in Tourists Street , Qawra Malta. Besides being regarded as one among the best Classic Car Museum in Europe it is also becoming renowned worldwide too.

The idea of a museum was not always in the owner’s mind. From childhood, Carol Galea had a great passion for cars where he started collecting car models. In due time, the collection became a hobby enhancing the selection of different scales. When he reached his age to drive, he started building a car to his own design. Equipped with a Jaguar XK 140 engine, the car was ready for test drive. Carol, very enthusiast in hill climbs, started participating with the prototype, where he made a hit. The passion geared him to commence a real car collection with a Fiat 1200 paving its way which is still found in the museum. From there on his garage became more crowded and had to share with other garages to accommodate the impressive leisure pursuit. In all activities, Carol always carried the camera with him and managed to build a remarkable collection of the past epoch with many of photographs found on display at the museum. As time went by, he finished up with no other option other than opening a museum and sharing the anthology with others.

The lavish place is well presented and magnificently oriented. Every car on display can be reached from all angles, making the enthusiastic feel much more at ease to inspect thoroughly without being forbidden to take photographs.

The regal marble staircase leading to the museum gives the first impressions of a prosperous 3000 square meter museum with magnificent lightings allover. Apart from the over hundred items on display, one can find also a great variety of jukeboxes, slot machines, life size models, memorabilia and posters. Half way through the tour, one can also find a state of the art cinema, seating sixty-five with running documentaries. The collection is considered to be one amongst the best in Europe , a marvelous exhibition that one cannot miss.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 18.00

Saturday & Public Holidays 09.00 – 13.30

I hope that this information would be enough but if you might need further information please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Ronnie Said.

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